Your Feelings are Important

From a very early age most of us have been told over and over again that what we feel isn’t important.  As a result, we’ve learned to suppress, deny and mask our feelings.  We get so good at this that we actually lose touch with our heart and live in the world of our head and thoughts.  When asked how we feel, we respond from our head, not our heart.

This website is dedicated to the idea that the feelings of your heart are important.  First of all, feelings are important because they are connected to your needs.  When you deny your feelings, you are denying your needs as a human being.  And, when we belittle the feelings of others we are telling them that their needs aren’t important.

Secondly, our feelings, more than our thoughts, drive our choices in life.  Our primary goal is to feel good.  We get into relationships because we want to feel good, which is why our heart, not our head, controls with whom we chose to associate.  We buy things because we perceive that they will give us good feelings, too.  Every successful marketer knows that marketing is primarily about feelings.  We even pursue goals because we perceive that achieving them will make us feel good.  If we are out of touch with our feelings, we are easily manipulated emotionally and wound up making foolish choices because we don’t understand what is motivating us in our heart.

Thirdly, as the author Karol Truman stated in the title of her book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.  What we allow ourselves to feel and deal with we can get over and heal from, but what we deny haunts us forever.  Most of us spend a great deal of time running away from our feelings.

Finally, it is the heart, not the head that helps us to lead a moral and a spiritual life.  When we have a hardened heart, we lack compassion and empathy for others. When our heart is closed and we are living in our heads, we are more likely to cause harm to others because our head can rationalize just about anything. An open heart teaches us to love, forgive, be kind and compassionate.  An open heart also allows us to access the spiritual plane and hear the still, small voice of God that can guide and comfort us.

This website is dedicated to helping people understand their feelings and learn how to heal their emotional wounds.  Discover why the heart, not the head, is the ultimate key to your health, happiness and success.

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